Video Therapy

The following proven therapy methods are made available to veterans and their family members as a self maintenance program that can be accessed easily on the VSPChannel. Each of these categories have been proven effective treatments for PTSD. We encourage veterans and their family members to utilize these videos in order to find the therapies that may prove most effective for them in alleviating stress, anxiety and depression and all other symptoms associated with PTSD. All of these therapies are presently being utilized by the VA Healthcare system.

Alternatives to Opioids

Finding alternative methods, tools and practices to treating what ails you.


Be calm, conscious and aware with yourself and your surroundings. Click here to view our entries in mindfulness.


Transcend PTSD, promote relaxation and other helpful traits. Click here to learn and follow along with meditation in your own home, or wherever you are.

Tai Chi

A gentle way to fight stress. Click here to see videos and advice for practicing Tai Chi.


A physical, mental and spiritual practice. Click here to find videos to help you practice Yoga.