Join the Family of Volunteers


Volunteer opportunities are available! For more information, please contact us.

The VSP Channel is looking for volunteers to help change the lives of Veterans through creation of wellness material, video production, writing and others.


Past Staff, Volunteers, Advisers and Supporters

(In alphabetical Order)

  • GREGORY ARSAGA (Photographer, Computer Technology Production Volunteer)
  • CHRISTOPHER ARAUJO (Coordinator, Military Veteran Peer Network) Veteran
  • MARK BECKER III – Veteran, Director
  • UNA BENDEL (Voice Over & Producer) Veteran
  • RON BAKER (DAV Commander, Los Angeles, CA, Founder 4 VETS Sake) Veteran
  • TERRANCE BOGAN (Chef, Producer) Veteran
  • DR. JOAN CLAYTON – Psychologist
  • MORGAN COURAGE (Chaplin / Producer) Veteran
  • ANGEL DIAZ (Volunteer) Veteran
  • ROY EISENSTEIN (Lyricist – Producer) Veteran
  • PHILLIP GOETZ – Omega Broadcasting
  • ELISHA GOLDSTEIN (Mindfulness & Psychology)
  • JOHN HAMILTON (National Adjutant General VFW) Advisor
  • CARA HARPOLE – Veteran, Director and Editor
  • COLLIN HULBERT (Sports Reporter / Producer) Veteran
  • KIM LAYNE (Holistic Healing, Fundraising, Producer)
  • CHRIS VAN LOAN (Director, Producer) Veteran
  • CHRIS VAN LOAN, Jr. (Director, Producer) Volunteer
  • BERYL LOVE (AMVETS National Programs Director ) Advisor/Supporter
  • DEWAYNE LUSTER (Veteran Peer, Grooming, Producer) Veteran
  • ASTA LUSTER (Hair Design, Grooming, Producer) Volunteer/Supporter
  • GEORGE McCANE (Photography Show, Producer) Veteran
  • RON McDAVID (Commander VFW Chapter 8787) Veteran
  • DUNCAN MCGEE (Texas Veterans Commission) Advisor
  • THOMAS PALLADINO (Executive Director, Texas Veterans Commission) Supporter
  • DAVE PICKENS – Tai Chi & Martial Arts Master, Veteran
  • JUDY PIERCE (Founder, Heroes Night Out) Advisor/Supporter
  • WES PIERCE (Founder, Heroes Night Out) Advisor/Supporter
  • RICHARD R. PILS (Volunteer, AAFES) Veteran
  • SARAH O’BRIEN (Production Manager, Administrative liaison, Producer) Volunteer/Supporter
  • HOOMAN SAFAVI – Bussinessman
  • JOHN SPAHR (Past VFW Texas State Commander, News Reporter, Producer) Veteran
  • A.C. SMITH (Production Volunteer)
  • APRIL SULLIVAN (Artwork Director VSA Texas Organization)
  • KEITH TOWERY – Advisor, Veteran
  • STONEWALL TOWERY – Composer/Musician, Veteran
  • CALVIN TURNER (Veterans Services, Capitol City Rehabilitation Group) Advisor/Suppoorter
  • CAITLIN THOMPSON (Deputy Director, Suicide Prevention Program
  • Department of Veterans Affairs) Supporter & Advisor
  • ROBERT J VIVIRITO (Producer, Editor, Camera, ect)
  • PAM WALKER-WILLIAMS – (Web Developer,  Supporter & Volunteer
  • MICHAEL WHITE – Business Planner/Organizer
  • MATHEW WHITE – Composer/Musician

VSPC Volunteers